Bernshtam/Berenshtam/Berenstam #ukraine

Pavel Bernshtam

Hi, I'm researching Berenshtam/Bernshtam family.
As I discovered, all Bernshtams (not Berenshtein!) came >from
Courland. Then they migrated to Riga, Sankt Peterburg, USA.

A number of families moved in 1842 to agricultural colonies of
Southern Russia - my ancestors >from Mitau to Novo Berislav and
another family >from Hasenpoth/Aizpute to Lvovo colony.
from there a number of people moved to Crimea, others to
Argentina and others to Melitopol.

I have collected information about all known to me
Berenshtams/Bernshtams on this page

If you have additional information about people with similar
surnames (but not Bernshtein!) send me pls.

Thank you
Pavel Bernshtam, Israel

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