Relatives of Zeltser (Seltser) Zislya Abramovna, Ukraine #ukraine

Victor Miller

Searching for brother or relatives of Zeltser (Seltser) Zislya
Abramovna who resides in the village of Gorodkovka [aka Horodkivka,
Myastkovka, Miscovca, Miastkówka]. This small town is in the Vinnitsa
District, Province of Podolia.

During the summer of last year (2009)I visited this former "shtetl" and
was introduced to its oldest resident referred to above. This lady (the
last remaining Jewish resident of the town)spoke of a brother who
emigrated to the United States many years ago. Does anyone out there know
of relatives of this woman who reside in the USA or any other country?
Please reply to cri@... or via the JGen SIG.

Many thanks,

Victor Miller

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