Need help #ukraine

sharon yampell

While doing some more research on my great great grandfather
Leizer Alexandrowitz, I finally found his death record. It said
he was born in 1864 rather than the year 1856 we had believed due
to his immigration records. The record also mentioned that his
parents were Isaac and Rachel Alexandrovitz. They were >from Borzna,
Chernigov; can anyone help me find more of his family? I don't need
his descendants but rather more on his parents and if he had any siblings!

Thank you so much!

Sharon F. Yampell
Voorhees, NJ USA

Alexandrowitz---Borzna Chernigov....(Volovitch) Wolovitz/Wolovitz---
Borzna Chernigov
Distelfeld/Distenfeld....Lessing/Lessig---Dorna Vatra, Campulung

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