Chronicling America #ukraine


The Library of Congress has an ongoing project to put searchable digital
images of American newspapers online. As of now, there are some 2 million
pages of newspapers, mostly >from the latter years of the 19th and early
years of the 20th centuries available. You may find news articles and
advertisements regarding anyone by entering surnames in the search feature.
The site promises eventually to have newspapers >from all 50 states, but
currently, 15 states and the District of Columbia are represented. Years
covered currently are >from 1880 to 1922. The project is called Chronicling
America and can be found at
Happy hunting!

Chuck Weinstein
Deer Park, NY

RIGLER, Podu Turcului, Romania>Minneapolis, New York, and North Dakota,
LEVIN, Parysow, Poland>Chicago, 1891
DWORSKY, Lazdijai, Lithuania>New York, Minneapolis, 1884-1913
WARSHAWSKY, Poland>Chicago, 1885-1890
CIORA, Romania>New York, 1885-1900
WEINSTEIN, Voznesensk, Ukraine>Minneapolis, 1886-1900.

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