Two films of Ukrainian towns, courtesy of Tomek Wisniewski #ukraine


Two of the twenty short films I am currently showing within my virtual
Museum of Family History might be of interest to Ukraine researchers. One
has to do with Novoye Misto (before WWII Nowe Miasto, Poland), and Olyka
(also before 1939 part of Poland), now both in the Ukraine.

The title of the film about Nowe Miasto is "Miasto: A City That Time Forgot,

In the Olyka film, based on a photo >from 1920, Tomek questions whether the
photo he uses in the Olyka film represents a wedding or funeral, but it
seems to me that there is enough evidence that it is a photo of a wedding.
The films were created by Tomek Wisniewski and are worth seeing. You can
find the link to these films and all the others on the main page I've
created for Tomek at .


Steven Lasky

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