LIDMAN or LITMAN Family from Kiev Gubernia #ukraine

Linda Shefler

Up until recently I knew that the sister (Toby NULMAN) of my gg grandfather
had married a man named BORNSTEIN or BRAUNSTEIN. But it turns out that the
son of Toby and his family used that name when they immigrated to America at
the turn of the 20th century and their real name was LIDMAN or LITMAN.

I am attempting to properly piece together this disjointed LIDMAN/LITMAN
family that I believe is >from Kiev gubernia. The family might have come
from someplace around Fastov as they married into the NULMAN family from
Fastov. They settled at the turn of the 20th century in Fall River, MA
and Providence, RI.

This is what "I think" I know:
An Unknown LIDMAN married Toby NULMAN (probably around 1870).

They had three children that I am aware of:
Barnet (Benjamin) LIDMAN (born ~1870) who married Hida KOPIT/COPIT and had
daughters Bessie and Sarah (born ~1892).

Rose (Bobsy) LIDMAN (born ~1874) who married Wolf (William) CHARNOW
(probably originally CHARNOFSKY). They had seven children; three born in
Russia and the last four born in Providence.

Ethel LIDMAN (born ~1879) married to Nathan KANOFSKY. They had six
children, initially lived in Providence and eventually settled in Chicago
(about 1914).

There was also a Charles LIDMAN who was probably born about 1880. I do not
know who his parents were, but he settled in Fall River and married Ann
NULMAN about 1902. I believe they and their children died in the 1918 flu
epidemic. I am sure he is related to the other LIDMAN family but don't know

There are several intermarriages between the LIDMAN/LITMAN family and my
NULMAN family. Amazingly, I have been unable to locate any manifests for
any of the three families, but I am particularly anxious to locate the
BORNSTEIN/BRAUNSTEIN manifest for Benjamin, Hida/Isa, Bessie and Sarah.
Supposedly they immigrated 1904. I'm hoping it holds some

I also cannot locate census records for this family. I found marriage
records for both Bessie and Sarah. One's surname is listed as LIDMAN and
the other as BRAUNSTEIN!!

For those interested in LITMAN >from Kiev gubernia, if these families are
familiar to anyone I would love to hear >from you!

Many thanks for your time.
Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod HaSharon

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