Bessarabia Vital Records Update #ukraine


ROM-SIG is proud to announce that the Bessarabia Vital Records database
has been updated. There are now over 135,000 records in the vital records

You are able to access it through the Romanian database at or through the Ukraine database at

This database includes all of the records for Kishinev that we presently
have. We will eventually get the records >from the Family History Library
that we do not have.

ROM-SIG can also use more people who can translate Russian, Hebrew,
German or Hungarian to work on different projects. Please contact me if you are
interested in working on any of our projects:

Bessarabia Vital Records (Bel'tsy)
Bessarabia Revision Lists
Brasov Vital Records
Cehu Silvaniei Vital Records
Simleu Silvaniei Vital Records

Bob Wascou
ROM-SIG Research Coordinator

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