Searching for Schochetman and Belinksy from Odessa #ukraine



I write to ask for help getting past the brick wall I've encountered
in researching the family of Sophia Schochetman, who left Odessa
after the pogrom of October 1905, when her family lost everything.
Sophia became Sophie SPIWAK (marrying Abram, see earlier postings).
It is their story I'm retelling.

Sophie's Parents: David SCHOCHETMAN, schochet. Malke / Molly
nee BELINKSY of Odessa.

I have found their ship manifests. They departed Hamburg on
23 February and arrived in New York on 12th of March, 1906.

All their tickets were paid for by one of Molly's nephews,
Meyer BELINSKY, whose address is listed on the mainfest as:
Phila. PA L. 3 Str. 839.

I have not yet found Meyer BELINSKY's emigration records or
located him in census records. I do not know if other members
of Molly's family of origin also came over, (though I do know
that the impresario Billy ROSE was a cousin and the families
visited often.)

On the Hamburg ship manifest, David's estimated birth year is
1857; Molly's is 1860.
On their Ellis Island manifest, their births are estimated as
David, b. 1866, Molly b. 1865.

They came with six of their eight children:
Ida 22
Sara 17
Sophie 15
Dora 9
Esther 7
Morris 5

[Two sons, Sam and Louis, had come to the US earlier. One
lived on a farm in the Woodbine Colony in NJ. I have a 1907
postcard written in Yiddish addressed to "Mr. Schochetman"
at the farm, relaying a message >from "mother," and signed
"Yisrul," so I am assuming this correspondence was between
the two brothers who'd come earlier. I have not yet found
their emigration information, having to guess at their given
names. I know that Sam took the name SHIPMAN at some point,
and Louis took the name SCHACHT.]

In the 1910 census, David & Molly and five of their children
(Ida, Louis, Dora, Esther, and Morris) are living on East 10th
Street in Manhattan and have a boarder, Rebecca GORDON living
with them.

I cannot find: birth or marriage (Russia) or death (US)
records for David or Molly. I do not know their address in
Odessa; if they were originally >from Odessa; when they were
married; or who the members of their extended families were,
other than Meyer BELINSKY.

By about 1910 some of their children changed their names to
SCHACT, but when I search using that name, I do not find David
& Molly.

I would also like help understanding the class status of the
Schochetmans in Odessa. David Schochetman was, as his name
implies, a schochet. Molly had no profession. One daughter,
Sarah, worked in the Krakhmalnikov Candy Factory (a Jewish-owned
business). Ida was a seamstress. Sophia was apprenticed to a
master tailor. If you know of any sources I should read for
background, please recommend them.

Thank you!

Patricia Klindienst
Guilford, CT USA

Searching: SPIWAK /SPIVAK of Orhei, Bessarabia and Mendoza,
Argentina; SCHAPOSCHNIK / ZAPOSNEK of Orhei, Kishinev, Elisavetgrad,
or Mendoza, and their related names, SHAPIN, SHAPIRO of Mendoza,
Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the US. SCHOCHETMAN of Odessa
(who became SCHACHT in the US); MILSTEIN of Orhei & Kishinev.
Teleneshti, Uruguay, becoming COHEN in the US. KALIK of Orhei;
BELINSKY of Odessa and Philadelphia.

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