From Victor Miller, Silver Spring, Maryland #ukraine

Victor Miller

Nearly one year ago I visited my father's ancestral shtetl in the Ukraine.
Today the town's name is GORODKOVKA in the Podolia region.
When my father lived there at the beginning of the 1900's the town's name
was known as Miastkowka. I met the last surviving Jewess in the village
by the name of Zeltser (or possibly Seltser) Zislya Abramovna.
I believe she is one of three siblings who lived in the town.
Two have since died. Some part of the family may have resided in
Kishinev, Moldova (then known as Basserabia).

I am seeking nieces or nephews who may be residing in the Chicago, Illinois area.
Would appreciate it very much if anyone could provide some clues as to
how I can contact them. I do not have any names.

Would appreciate any assistance.

Victor Miller

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