IT amd burials in Israel #ukraine


This is a synopsis of an announcement in the newspapers in Israel.

Chevra Kadisha, Israel's burial society, has never known a recession,
which naturally makes sense, as death never takes a vacation.

Over the past few months, the burial society has invested significant
resources in upgrading its technological services, in the hopes of
helping those looking for a loved one's final resting place to find it
more easily.

"In the last couple of months we have developed an SMS grave-locator
system," Yossi Zrock, head of Chevra Kadisha IT Services, told Yedioth

"If, for example, you've arrived at a cemetery and you don't know
where the gravestone is, text the name of the deceased to *4664 and
directions will be sent to you within seconds."

Chevra Kadisha, he added, is currently developing a GPS grave-locater
system for mobile phones. "Such technologies are required for the
bigger cemeteries, like the one in Holon, which has over 220,000
graves. People can get lost."

Soon, Zrock promised, cemetery goers will be able to rent a PDA upon
arrival, for only NIS 20 (about $5.3). The device will lead them
directly to the desired gravestone and will allow them, en route, to
view photos of the deceased, read about his life and access the
required prayers.

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