Negociant-Last posting #ukraine

Errol Schneegurt

I would first like to thank the members that responded to my inquiry.

What I have found out in the process is that the use of the word in fact
relates in a general sense to a merchant. I would categorize it as a certain
type of merchant most often associated with wholesale activities.

I have never seen the word used and could not find it on the 1929 Lviv
business directory.

With the investigations I have done and the responses I have gotten in the
past few weeks has lead me to conclude that the origin of the word is
French and is associated with wine making. The Negoci(j)ant would collect
grapes >from many small vineyards resell them to wholesalers or directly to the
public. They would also produce their own wines using there name.

In my case I have reason to believe that it was connected to the making of
Kosher wines.
I know assumptions can cause problems!

Errol Schneegurt NY ESLVIV@...

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