Film footage of Vinnytsya/Winnica/Winnitza, Ukraine #ukraine


There are four or five new short films created by Tomek Wisniewski of
Bialystok. They are each interesting in their own right, and you will even
find video/archival footage within more than one, including film footage
from Deblin-Kazimierz nad Wisla-Pulawy and Mlawa, Poland (color yet >from
1941). Besides the towns represented above you will also find film of
Czestochowa. Also Tomek has created a film about Druya, Belarus, which used
to be Druja, Poland between the wars.

Of special interest to Ukraine researchers is a short film about Vinnytsya,
Ukraine. It is actual film footage shot in 1942. Though not filled with
scenes of Jewish interest per se, there aren't too many opportunities to see
such films, especially during wartime.

My main Tomek page listing links to now sixty-eight films can be found at The towns associated with
each film are listed alphabetically, so just scroll down to the link(s) of
interest to you. You will also find films about Chortkiv, Olyka and Zolochiv
all in today's Ukraine.

Steven Lasky

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