Ukraine Archives to Place Looted Property Documents Online #ukraine


The folllowing information is >from the current issue of Avotaynu's
"Nu? What's New?" e-zine:

The State Committee on Archives of Ukraine located in Kyiv plans to place
online German records of art, archives, books and other cultural valuables
stolen in Nazi-occupied countries during the Second World War. These are
records of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR), one of the main
agencies responsible for looting cultural valuables. The records of the
ERR were scattered after the war and are now to be found in 29 repositories
in nine countries. The collection of ERR records held by Ukraine, seized
by Soviet forces at the end of the war, is the largest in the world.
During the Soviet era they were classified as secret.
Additional information can be found at

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