ELKIN and WEINER #ukraine


Hi Genners,

My wife's maiden name is ELKIN. Her father, JOSEPH MAX ELKIN, came
from Russia around 1912 to Philadelphia at the age of 17. I have tried
to find him using the Ellis Island database without success. He
subsequently married Esther WEINER and they raised a family of six
children in Montreal, Canada. The family name in Russia was SULTANOV.

I was able to find his father's name >from the tombstone when we
visited Montreal this summer. His father's name was Tzvi. According
to family lore, Joseph Elkin was >from the same town as the Bronfman
family. In fact, in Montreal, he worked for Sam Bronfman.

As for his bride, Esther came to this country at the age of seven
escorted by her uncle as her mother had died. Her father's name was

Mordechai Weiner and he was a Levite.

Any suggestions as how to locate any information about them and the
towns they came >from would be greatly appreciated.

Ashburn, VA

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