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My Bubbie and Zadie were born in Russia (Ukraine Province I'm pretty
sure). She in about 1867 and he in about 1869. These birth dateS could
be off by 2 years or so.

>from their gravestones in Hartford, CT I know that Zadie's Hebrew name
was Yehudah ben Jacob and Bubbie's was Sima bas Mordechai H'Cohain.
Mordechai used the last name "Wernick" (or Wernike), but that may be
anglicized. Zadie used Judah as his first name, Bubbie used Sophie (and
sometimes Sophia) as her first name and they used the last name

I cannot find any direct record of the family's original name but I
found other Lutins who came >from Russia and anglicized their name >from
Leteschewsky/Letishewsky/Letishevsky/ Letichevsky to Lutin around the
turn of the century.

The Lutins in Hartford were all >from Kiev Province - they specifically
refer to two towns in draft cards and censuses: KONELA and STAVISHCHE.

>from the US Census records, my grandparents emigrated >from Argentina to
the US in 1902 or 1903 (depending on whether one goes by the 1910
Census tract or the 1920 tract). There were 5 children in the family
when they came to the US, all of whom are shown as having been born in
Argentina. However, The oldest child's death certificate shows that
Celia Lutin was born in Russia. Unfortunately, no one knows Celia's
Hebrew name and it isn't on her gravestone. And, of course we have no
record of Judah's marriage to Sima (Sophie). [Could there be a record
in old Jewish/Russian Archives?]

The 1910 US Census tract shows Celia as being 18 years old which means
that when the family came to America she was either 10 or 11 years old.
The next oldest child (Anita) was 6 or 7 years old when they came to
America and there were 3 more born during the 5 years after Anita was

If we assume that Anita and the other 3 siblings indeed were born in
Argentina, it means that if in fact Celia was born in Russia she was
either 5 or 6 years old when the family came to Argentina.

There are some vague recollections that the family may have passed
through Sicily on their way >from Russia to Argentina, but those
recollections are based on stories told to some of my 1st and 2nd
cousins by Celia and may well have been embellished by her. In any
event, it looks like my grand parents spent at least 5 or more years in
Argentina which means that they arrived there in about 1896 and it
could have been as early as 1893.

Unfortunately, I can't find ship manifests >from Argentina (probably
Buenos Aires) to the US and also do not have any record of how Bubbie
and Zadie got out of the Ukraine let alone establish whether or not
they came through Sicily. However, if (in fact) Celia was born in the
Ukraine, they couldn't have left there before 1892.

I would appreciate ANY help you can give me to establish the town(s) in
the Ukraine >from which my Grandparents came and to learn if there is
any information that can substantiate their parents' yichus (other than
the 'ben and bas' on their gravestone.

THANKS in advance!

Phil Lutin:
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