Re: Help needed--Russian translation for photo identification #general


If you can read Russian script >from the early 20th century, I hope you can
help me. I have posted to the Jewishgen Image Gallery two old family photos
from Slavuta, Ukraine, plus two scans of Russian writing on the reverse of
each photo. I would like to have a translation of the writing and am
especially interested in anything that will help identify two of the people
in each photo. The others in each photo are members of my grandmother Sarah
(Kotel) Kisner's family-her mother and siblings. A fifth photo shows my
grandmother soon after she immigrated to Boston, Mass.; in one of the other
photos, her mother, Sheindl Kotel, is holding the same photo.

The photos can be viewed by pasting each of the following URLs into your web
browser. I have provided more information in the notes on each item.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Lesley K. Cafarelli
Minneapolis, MN

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