Re: My mtDNA revealed a Bulgarian/Turk/Karelian origin #dna

Andy Carvin <acarvin@...>

My mtDNA revealed a Bulgarian/Turk/Karelian origin. Would
this mean that
Levantine Jewish men married women of Anatolia,Bulgaria
(Thrace) or Karelia,
a small country in and near Finland in medieval times? Anyone
else have this
mtDNA in Ashkenazim origin?
It may not be as simple as that. mtDNA mutates over a very slow period of
time - tens of thousands of years - so it's difficult to predict exactly
when your common ancestor existed (especially compared with y chromosome
estimates, which can predict ancestors in the last 1000 years). Also, it's
hard to say whether your ancestor was solely of those origins, in the sense
that both modern-day Turks and Bulgarians have a mix of ethnic backgrounds.
The Ottoman empire was a melting pot of Turkic, Slavic, Balkan, Caucasian
and middle eastern peoples (if you've ever traveled around Turkey you'll
come across every imaginable hair color, eye color, etc), so it's also
possible that the Bulgarians and Turks with your similar mtdna simply had
ancestors who were Jewish, or Slavic, or Turkic, etc. The Ottoman empire was
also a refuge for Spanish Jews, and many Jews became muslims in order to
participate in high levels of the Ottoman civil service. (a very modern
meritocracy for its time).

So it's easy to read too much into the mtDNA results at this point in time.
For example, as I mentioned on the list earlier, my mtDNA had commonalities
with 5 Nubian test subjects, as well as a handful of Levantine/eastern
mediterranean peoples. This could mean that one of my Israelite ancestors
had a child with a Nubian woman, but it could also mean that some of the
original Israelite population had origins in Nubia thousands of years before
they became Jews. (Semitic languages are believed by many to be northeast
African in origin, then migrating into the Levant, rather than vice versa.)
The data in the Macaulay study said that my mutation was anywhere from
18,000 to about 40,000 years old - well before there was any codified notion
of what it meant to be Jewish, an Israelite, etc.

Andy Carvin
Senior Associate
Benton Foundation
Visit my new website, Anatolian Fortnight

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