Re: My mtDNA revealed a Bulgarian/Turk/Karelian origin #dna

Conrad Johansson <holmsjon@...>

Concerning Annee Ani's question about possible Bulgarian/Turk/Karelian
origins of Ashkenazi Jews.

Bulgarians were originally a Turkish tribe. The word is related to Volga and
an ancient state on the Volga called "Bulgar".

Karelian, Finns and Turks are Ural-Altaic, and thus linguistically, and
possibly genetically, related.

There existed a Turkish-Jewish empire in southern Russia called the Khazar
empire during the 10th century until it was devastated by vikings.

Costler suggests in "The Thirteenth Tribe" that refugees and other >from the
Khazar took part in shaping East European Jewry.

Conrad Johansson
Ph D student,

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