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I have a family tree for my mother's paternal side of the family, but hit
a stonewall, [as did my archivist in the Ukraine] on my mother's maternal
side of the family. I do have some contemporary information, but lack
details prior to my grandmother's emigration to the US.

I am searching for additional information for my maternal grandparent
GERMAN (GERMAINE or GHERMAN) were >from in the Ukraine. Before coming to America
they lived in Kamennyy Brod, Ukraine, Latitude, Longitude: 50° 25' N, 27°
50' E

My gm and gf lived in other Ukrainian locations before KB and may have met
and married in KB.

Grandmother's Chaika (Ida) parents were Schmuel GERMAN and Channah
(possibly GREENBERG). My grandmother may have been adopted by relatives
Their children were Liebe, Scheindl, Sura, and a brother, in addition to gm
(the youngest). Liebe's (married name possibly Marcus) children were
Veena (a pharmacist who immigrated, then returned to Russia and was killed in
WW II), Jeanette GERMAINE, and Charlotte, who married Max LEHMAN.

I am also looking for additional information on OXENHORN (OXENGORN),

Grandfather Meir Itzik [Meyer Issac] OXENHORN. May have belonged to the
Kammenbroder Voliner Progressive Society. My grandfather and family
before his marriage lived in Ostrog [I have over 500 digital photo pages of a
1795 Census in Ostrog-not translated and has no surnames]. Grandfather's
parents were Zitldel Schmuel OXENGORN (OXENHORN) and Perle.
He had sister Neche (married GOODMAN, lived in Lynn, MA) and probably
brother Muttel. Neche had 7 children.
Scheindl lived to approx age 95. Children were Edna (married GREENE -
children Jules or Julus and Bernard, Sam (or Zindel) FRICHMAN or FRISHMAN
(married Hattie), Norma (married David ELOITCH; son Walter), Clara
(youngest, married Sam COOPERMAN--son Edwin lives in Scarsdale), Mary
(married Bosinoff; daughter Clara), Sonya (married Reuben Bronfman--son
Reuben Branfman has 3 children, including Daniel BRONFMAN and 2
daughters), Hannah (aka Anna, married SINGER; daughter Dorothy married
Herman FOX, 2 sons including Davis). Abe KUPERSCHMIDT, arrived 9/15/1901.
He may be my gf's brother-in-law or possibly a close friend

Sura's daughter Jennie married BUFFORD. Son Charlie married Lenord
SPEAR's aunt. Daughters Ann Schulman or SHULMAN, Syliva and 2 more.

Please reply directly to me any solid information.

Allan B. Dolgow
West Sacramento, CA

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