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Hi Harold

Similar to the email I answered earlier this week, your question, about
purchasing something >from our company, is one that normally I would take
this private. However you have asked a question that may be on the minds of
many people I will explain something commercial rather then technical.

In regards to your question, to match up 2 males who you think are related
on the Male side, you would order the Y-DNA test which is $219.

If you think the connection of these two families was on a female side you
would order the mtDNA test at $219.

If you wanted to try both sides, because you think they are related but
don't know where, then the Relative Match, at $279, per person is necessary.

You can order this >from

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

At 04:40 PM 03/07/2001 -0500, you wrote:
*** Limited Time Only - Specials Available ***

How much does a male RELATIVE MATCH DNA testing cost.

We are trying to see if two families who lived within 2 kilometers of each
other on small farms in northern Lithuania in the 1780s' and are both
Kohanim - are related to each other.

Who do we do? How do we order this test.


Harold RHode

in the same area in 1787

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