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Meir (Max) Weissberg was my great great Uncle on my father's mother's
side. He was one of five siblings, born to Marcus and Freude
Weissberg in Bukaczowce, eastern Galicia. Of not, Max was a Judaic
scholar, prominent in the Haskala movement. After education in
Vienna, L'viv, Kheyder, Belekhov, and Tshemovits (Cernuati, Ukraine),
Stryj, he settled in Stanislawow >from 1926, where he was an educator
and principal of a local school. He died in Stanislawow in 1930. Of
note, one of his children, Jozef Karol Weissberg (later wrote under
the name of Jozef Bialogorski (Weissberg and Bialogorski translate
White Mountain) renounced Judaism, while living in L'viv, c1921. He
wrote and published several books (in Polish) with erotic themes and

As they say, I've hit the wall. I would appreciate any and all
suggestions as to where I can search for any details or photos of Meir
Weissberg or Jozef Weissberg.

My renewed interest in finding more details about this man comes from
the fact, that I am discovering more details about Max's nephew (son
of Max's brother, Selig), Samuel Morris Weissberg who was born in
Stanislawow and immigrated to the US, ending up in Cleveland.

Please respond privately, palekaiko@...

Thank you,

Michael Diamant

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