KOSOWETSKY from Fastov and Montreal #ukraine

Linda Shefler

A few years ago I tried to make sense of the Samuel COSTOWETSKY family that
settled in Montreal about 1906; alas, without any success. There seemed to
be two Samuel COSTOWETSKY and both seemed to be married to a Fannie. I
didn't know the names of their children, so in spite of the wonderful
Montreal Directories, cemetery records and a few other resources (like
Jewish records), I still drew a blank. I even tried Costow which was what
the name was changed to by some people in Philadelphia.

I now have additional information on this family and wonder if this will
help. Shmuel (Sam) KOSTOVETSKY was born about 1866 in Fastov, Ukraine. In
1896 he worked as a master joiner in Fastov. As of 1907 he was living at
193 McGill Street in Montreal and he worked as a laborer. Shmuel was
married to Sara Brana SCHNAPARSKI who was born about 1876 in Pavoloch. They
had two children that I am aware of: Bluma (born about 1889) and Meir Leib
(born about 1892); both born in Fastov.

I believe that Bluma was the cousin that my grandfather was in love with;
according to the story, he used to visit her in Montreal, but her mother
wouldn't allow her to leave Canada (my grandfather lived in Providence,
Rhode Island), so their love affair came to an end and my grandfather
married my grandmother...luckily for me!

Is anyone familiar with Sam, Sara, Bluma or Meir Leib KOSOWETSKY? I believe
that Sam's father, Meir Leib, was born in Brusilov. That might be a helpful
hint for someone else interested in this family. I do have additional
information that isn't pertinent to this request, but might be helpful to
others researching the KOSTOWETSKY family; so if you are interested, please
feel free to contact me.

Any information on this family, any suggestions as to how to proceed,
anything really, would be greatly appreciated. Sara SCHNAPARSKI was the
sister of my great-grandfather and I would love to finally solve the
mysteries around this branch of the family!

Wishing everyone Shabbat shalom.
Many thanks for your time,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod HaSharon


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