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My grandfather's family comes >from Majdan. I've seen it listed as Kalush (in the Ukraine), previously called Kalius, in Podolia guberniya.
It's near Kamenets-Podolski in Ushitsa district. His name was Max or Mordco FELDBERG. Hebrew name Mordechai. He was born January 1, 1899. He had a sister and 2 brothers. One sister was name Blume. His brother, Boris, remained in Russia. I do know that Boris had at least one son, Effim. Max and his sister somehow made it to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) aboard the Vestris, arriving there on Jan. 9, 1923. For reasons unknown to me, the relatives who remained in Brazil dropped the "D" >from the name and went by FELBERG. Max retained the spelling, FELDBERG. My grandfather passed away in 1976 in NY.

His wife, my grandmother, Yetta BOTZMAN FELDBERG, was also >from the Ukraine, >from Minkowitzi. She, similar to some recent posters, was educated in a Christian gymnasium. Thus, she was more able to read and write Russian than my grandfather. The reason given over the years was that the BOTZMAN family was the only Jewish family in the town so there was no Jewish school. There was one decent neighbor who actually warned my grandmother's family to leave shortly in advance of a pogrom. They fled to the fields and watched their house being burned down. The BOTZMAN family: Aaron - arrived in 1913 - his wife, Rayzel (Rose) Lerner, Avraham, Yetta (Etig), Minnie (Malka), Ida (Chayke), Samuel (Shike), Tillie (Tiunie), Paul (Faulik)- arrived in 1922-- and settled in the Lower East Side of NY.

My grandparents, Yetta and Max, were married in NY.

We once had contact with the relatives in Brazil but, after my mother died in 1993, all traces of addresses, names, etc. disappeared. My grandmother was alive until 1996, but I didn't think to get the information back then.

If anyone has any leads or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Glickman

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