Re: looking for researcher #romania

Phyllis Kramer

Linda Silverman Shefler is looking for a a researcher for Kirovograd
Not sure if it would help, but have you tried the jewishgen researcher infofile?

This InfoFile is for JewishGen users interested in finding
professional for-fee genealogical researchers experienced in various
aspects of genealogical research. This material has been collected
from users of JewishGen who have had experiences dealing with such
professionals. Users of this InfoFile are strongly encouraged to get
in touch with any researcher listed, in order to get further
information about his/her qualifications, skills and fees.

ps: if you have used a researcher and enjoyed the experience, why not
add the information to our file for the benefit of others?

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG,Florida
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:

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