Re: Help with ZAGS #ukraine

David Bickman

My grandmother's sister and brother-in-law, Sarah & Shmuel Blank, lived in
Nova Ushitsa in the 1920's. They had three children, one of whom, Moshe
Blank, was married.

I'd like to get some personal information about this family, Sarah in
particular, >from the local ZAGS office in Nova Ushitsa. Has anyone had much
success lately in obtaining personal information about family members >from
ZAGS offices in the Ukraine?

David M Bickman

researching Bikman, Rosenblatt, Marshteyn, Zaltzman & Blank in Nova Ushitsa,
Vinkovtsy, Verbovtsy, Zamechov & Murovany Kurilovsty, UKRAINE

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