Tepper/Nevins/The Three Suns #ukraine

Stephen Katz

This is a periodic query attempting to crack one of the biggest challenges in my family tree.
My great-grandmother was Fejga Liba TEPPER, daughter of Volko. They were >from either Rowno (Rivne), Ukraine, or the nearby town of Novograd-Volynsky. Fejga Liba TEPPER married my great-grandfather Simcha KATZ of Novograd-Volynsky.
I am trying to determine whether there is a link between my TEPPER ancestors and the family of Samuel TEPPER, who was originally >from Rowno.
Samuel TEPPER's parents were Berel TEPPER and Rebecca MUCHNIK. Samuel TEPPER emigrated to the US in 1907 and settled in Brooklyn, NY. He married Celia NORVENSTEIN in 1914. Their sons were Albert and Morton NEVINS (they changed their surname to a shortened, anglicized version of their mother's maiden name). Al and Morty NEVINS, together with a cousin, formed the Three Suns musical trio that was popular in the 1940s-1950s.
I've also posted a listing for TEPPER in the JGFF.
I'd very much appreciate hearing >from anyone who has any information about these families.
Stephen Katz
New York City

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