Re: Ritual Wives #ukraine


There was no such thing a civil marriage in the Austro-Hungarian empire and the
only recognized nuptials were those that took place before Christian clergy.
Marriages that were officiated by rabbis were not recognized and the children
born of those marriages often were registered as illegitimate, usually under
the mother's surname and without the reference the Jewishgen researcher found
to "ritual marriage" with the known father. About a dozen marriages in my
family were registered in 1898 in Skala Podolska (Tarnopol district, formerly
Austro-Hungarian empire, now Ukraine), long after a multitude of "illegitimate"
children had been born to the devoutly orthodox women who were my ancestors.
from this I deduce that the civil authorities decided at that time to recognize
the marriages previously performed by rabbis.

Helene Kenvin

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