Political Terror--Shot in Moscow: Individuals from throughout the USSR #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson


On this Russian language site are the names of many individuals (about 12,000) born in the USSR and other areas of the world, but who were residents of the "Old Moscow" at the time they were executed. Both Jews and non-Jews are included. On the left side of the page is an alphabetical listing of streets, which you need to click on to gain access to the individuals' names. Included, in most cases, is place of birth, DOB, DOD, employment, address, and place of burial.

A few names >from the Ukraine include: Kaplan (Kiev), Vul (kamenetz-Podolsk), Akkershteyn (Kherson), Stoklitsky (Kharkov), Edelstein (Odessa), Maori (Zolotonosha), et al.

Use an online translator such as Bing translator
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Marilyn Robinson

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