Re: Kitarod, Russia - location help #ukraine

Susan Steeble

The city you are researching, Kitarod, is probably Kitay Gorod (or
Kitaigorod), now Kytaihorod, Ukraine. It is 11 miles east of
Kamenets-Podolsk and roughly 60 miles southwest of Medzhibozh. In a
memoir of the shtetl
(, the town is
referred to by the Yiddish name, Kitarod.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

FREEDHAND/FRIEDHAND/FRIEDGANT (Bershad, Ukraine > NY and CT, Romania, France)
KESSELMAN (Chorna/Krasny Okna, Ukraine > NY)
KAHAN (Grodno [now Belarus] > NY)
STUCHINSKY (Yurburg and Taurage [now Lithuania])
SLUTSKY/SLOTE (Kiev, Ukraine > NY)

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