the obvious versus DNA #dna

Jonina Duker <jonina.duker@...>

This seems fairly obvious to me! And I have done volunteer work with
many people descended >from crypto-Jews who begin tracing their family
roots. If her experience was too horrific, there just may be words she
is too traumatized to acknowledge.

" and celebrates Jewish holidays and observes the sabbath"

Not as obvious, but still a clue given the above. "father's surnname
was Kohn"

I'm not saying don't do DNA testing, just saying you have the answer.

For what it's worth, a friend of mine was reared believing she was Roman
Catholic on both sides. Her mother was born Jewish. My friend has her
grandparents' Jewish marriage contract; my friend's son married a Jewish
woman and the rabbi accepted the above Jewish marriage contract as proof,
etc. My friend's mother to this day still denies that her family is
Jewish or she was born a Jew. And yes, that friend's mother did attend
the son's Jewish wedding, denying all the way! L'Shalom.

Jonina Duker:

(Riga?), LEVINE (~Minsk?), RACHMAN (Salakas/Simferopol), RYMER,
SCHMUELIWITZ (~ Minsk?), SIEGEL (Uzpaliai?), STRAUSS (Vilna?) & and for
her descendant
ARLICK (Oshmyany), BARNA (Satu Mare), FRIEDLER (Soljataznan), GOLDSTEIN,
LICHTMAN (Csenger/Satu Mare), LITZKY (Golshany), RAPAPORT
(Kemenesmihalyfa), SCHLESINGER

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