Re: How can DNA testing help in this case? #dna

Chaim Frenkel <chaimf@...>

"AJ" == Aimee Jones <just_a_girl1999@...> writes:

AJ> At the moment dna testing seems to be the only method of un-ravelling
AJ> my great-grandmother's life story, she moved >from Stettin to England
AJ> after World war two, and celebrates Jewish holidays and observes the
AJ> sabbath, yet refuses to answer if she herself is Jewish. Her father's
AJ> surname was Kohn, so as part of our family genealogy my mother and I
AJ> thought that dna testing might solve the mystery once and for
AJ> all. Does anyone have any clue as to how we may do this, we're related
AJ> through the maternal line and tracing other family members has proved
AJ> fruitless.
AJ> Thanks for any help or advice you can give,

Hmm, your great-grandmother is alive? How old is she? And where is Stettin?

Without a male relative you will have quite a bit of difficulty.

But why bother with the male line. Have you been able to trace your ggm's
maternal line to any extent?

Chaim Frenkel

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