Information on Melitopol, Ukraine #ukraine

Alex Girshovich

Dear Forum,

For the last few months I've been looking for the information on my
grand grandfather Gersh GIRSHOVICH.

Unfortunately this branch of my family is almost unknown due to my
grandmother's divorce.

The only document in our family archive is a paybook of Gersh
GIRSHOVICH, who was a paramedic in Melitopol in early 1900-s, before
the revolution. No solid reference to his metrics (birth and death
dates and locations).
His son - my grandfather - married Dina NORKIN >from Bobruysk, Belarus,
born in 1895. Grandfather's real name is also not validated, however
he appeared in my father's patronym as Ilya. In reality he could be
Gilel, Eliya, etc.
My father was born in Bobruysk in 1915, and by 1917 Dina and "Ilya"
separated, and NORKIN family moved to a Russian town of Pskov, and
later to Leningrad.
So far all my searches in tens of databases in Russian and English
were fruitless.

I would very much appreciate any guidelines, ideas or hints that can
help me restoring this chapter of my family history.

Alex Girshovich
Jersualem, Israel.

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