World War I: Burial of Jewish Victims (Galicia & Bukovina), "Talergofsky Almanac" #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson

In 1936, the remains of a few Jewish victims were moved to a common grave in a Jewish cemetery in Graz Vettselsdorf. The Talergofa/Talergofsky Memorial page is at: Click on the photos to see the thirteen names listed on the head stone. The names are: FLEISCHER, HABER, HASS, JONAS, KATZ, LITWAK, ROTTER, SINGER (2), STAJER, SUCHER, TIRTIW, WEISSMANN

On the same site, in Russian, there is an almanac (Vol. 1) which contains descriptions, photos, etc. by locations ( There is also an "Index of Victims" and other information ( and an explanation of abbreviations (

Marilyn Robinson

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