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I think it would be helpful when we use the JewishGen Communities Database
to be able to immediately link to reports >from fellow Ukraine SIG members
who've traveled to the towns in which we're interested. The pop-up window
provides basic information about towns; having the urls to such travel
reports would greatly enhance our understanding of these towns and
connect us with other researchers.

Ron Doctor suggests the following steps that an enthusiastic Project Leader
would follow to implement a project like this:

1. Post notices soliciting travel reports

2. When travel reports arrive, edit and proofread them and prepare
any photos for posting.

3. Give the report an appropriate name.

4. If for a specific town or multiple towns, contact the relevant
KehilaLinks owner(s) and help get the travel report posted on the
KehilaLinks website(s).

5. If for a district, province, or Ukraine in general, post the
travel report for the appropriate area on the Ukraine SIG website.
The Project Leader would have limited access to the Ukraine SIG
Database Manager (DBM) that would allow you to do this.

6. Create links through our DBM to the location of the travel report
and add a brief description of it.

7. Check the website areas to be sure the report is posted properly.

8. Send a message to the List announcing availability of the travel report.

Using the DBM for this purpose is fairly straightforward. Entries are made
in pre-set forms.

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to be Project Leader but I'd
like to coordinate responses to identify that person or a team of
people to handle this. Please respond to me directly.

Evan Fishman (

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