Re: Given Name Evtkho #ukraine

Linda Shefler

I promise this is my last post regarding my initial request for help with
this name! I told people when and if I was ever able to confirm or negate
their suggestions that the name might be Yitzhak, I would them know. This
evening I received an email >from my cousin, and yes, she remembers that her
grandfather did indeed have a brother Yitzhak!! That was the name missing
from my list!
Thank you all for helping me get the correct name!

Shabbat shalom,
Linda Silverman Shefler
NULMAN- Ivnitsa, Fastov, Belaya Tserkov; SHERMAN- Natashka, Fastov, Belaya
Tserkov; KOTLYAR-Belaya Tserkov; KOPTY/KOPUT-Ivnitsa;
SCHNAPARSKI/SNOPARSKY-Pavoloch, Fastov, Belaya Tserkov; GURALNIK-Fastov;

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