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Marilyn Robinson

A Russian language article, by Anatoly I. Chayesh (Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies), on the above topic, is available at: or This article was originally presented as a report, on 12/7-8/2002 in Moscow at the "International Conference '20 years of Jewish emigration'".The information is based on the fond of the Dept. of General Affairs in the Ministry of Internal Affairs RSHA.

The article includes a small table entitled, "List of Orphans >from Ekaterinoslav Sent to Germany". It has names, German address/contact, "Note" The children were orphaned as a result of the 1905 pogrom. The list was posted by Baron Ginzburg 10/10/1906. The last names are; GELSIN, LIPANOVICH, SAFYANIKOV, TURYANSKY. There are ten children in the table.

The article also contains excerpts >from reports on immigration in Libau, Wilno Province, Grodno Province, & sample questions asked of the emigrants.

There is also a table entitled, "List of persons Who Left in 1909 to America on Weekends Evidence". The headings are: Number/number, Issued by, >from what date, What number, Name of migrant and his family, Age, Through which port or border did he/she pass.

An example: #6, Kiev governor, March 13, #957, POLISHCHUK Khan-40 (and Usher-18, Duvid-11, Yitzchak-9, Wolf-7, Shane-13), Alexandrov. There are 25 families listed.

Finally, there is a table entitled, "List of Candidates Submitted by ECO and rejected DOD in 1907-1909". The headings are: "Name of candidate, profession, position or social status", "Locality, province, year of submission", "Reason for rejection ("Failure Cause").

Examples: EISENBERG Isai Solomonovich, tradesman; New Vishnevets, Volyn province. 1909. "Was under investigation and trial for forgery, was kept in prison, but the court acquitted.

DORFMAN Duvid Bermanovich, Dr. Telenesti, Bessaraabia, 1909, "Politically unreliable".

ZHIRINOVSKY, Leo Yudovich, tradesman. David-Gorodok, Minsk province, 1909. "January 4 1906 as the main leader of the revolutionary movement?was imprisoned in jail?."

There are 40+ names on the table.

Marilyn Robinson

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