Jewish Struggle for the Right to Public Worship in Podolia #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson

The article is written (in Russian) by Anatly Chayesh and can be found at: ( It is based on documents >from the Russian State Historical Archive, fond 821, Dept. of Religious Affairs of Foreign Faiths (then, DDDII).

The article discusses the various restrictions regulating religious life as related to synagogues, schools, prayer houses, etc. Some of the Jewish names mentioned in the article are as follows:

RABINOWITZ, Aizikovich Boruch , VAYNBOYM, Yankel Shmuilovich (both 2nd Guild merchants fr. Kamenetz-Podolsk), COOPERMAN, Beer Mixer (sic), VAYNTURT, Itska, MUCHNIK, KLIGER, AVERBUKH, NUDELMAN, KATZ, ZUDLER, STERNBERG, JARUGA, VOLOSHIN, et al.

Please read the article for additional information.

Marilyn Robinson

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