The butler's cousins #dna

howard sachs <hfsachs@...>

DNA report >from Oxford on my matrilineal line says I'm
a descendant of "Helena" (apparently technically
described as being in the H haplogroup). This is
consistent with Jerusalem Post report in JUne of a
study indicating that (perhaps 1800 years ago) a
typical Jewish family on the fringes of Europe
consisted of a Semitic male and a spouse of local
Diaspora origin. I understand Houston has similar
indications of genetic origins. According to "Seven
Daughters of Eve" this makes me a "cousin" of
Cuthbert,the butler at the Longleat estate (whose
owner also owns caves where Cheshire Man--also an H
descendant--was found). I hope more reports will be
coming in on these relationships.Keep tuned for
Houston. Howard Sachs

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