Holocaust: Original Documents (Diary notes eyewitness accounts, etc.) Photo Archive #ukraine

Marilyn Robinson

The information is in Russian >from the site, Holocaust.ioso.ru,:

">from the Diary of A 16-year student , Roman Kravchenko
(Kremenets, 1942)" http://holocaust.ioso.ru/documents/14doc.htm

"The Testimony of German Driver Hepher the Murder of Jews at
Babi Yar on September 29-30, 1941"

"Miracle of Salvation, or Indian Summer at Babi Yar" by Mikhail
Frenkel http://www.jewukr.org/observer/eo2003/page_show_ru.php?id=788

Photo Archive #1 (>from book, "Tell this to your children?")

Marilyn Robinson

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