Ukraine SIG Mailing List Reaches 3,000 Readers #ukraine


As of today, we now have 3,001 readers of this list. As the largest
JewishGen SIG Mailing List, this is a significant milestone. Our readers
come >from around 30 countries around the world, and many of them are quite
knowledgeable in various areas of Ukraine genealogy. Our efforts to find
and digitize information on Ukraine are bearing fruit. We now have over 180
Town Leaders and the number of KehilaLinks pages continues to grow. If you
haven't done so, check out the All-Ukraine database for names and places of
interest. It, too, continues to grow. We are committed in 2013 to continue
growing this list. Projects for data acquisition continue to multiply, and
later this month, a special announcement will formalize a relationship for
getting more information >from inside Ukraine. More to follow on this.

Happy New Year to all of our readers. May this be the year that you break
through your brick walls and find the documents you are seeking. If we can
help in this effort, we will do our best. And don't forget to ask our
3,000+ readers for advice. That is what we are all here for.

For the Board of Ukraine SIG,

Chuck Weinstein
Towns and Districts Director, Ukraine SIG

"Ukraine SIG - Where genealogy is personal"

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