Tuchin #ukraine

Jim Gutterman

Both my pgf and pgm emigrated >from Tuchin to NYC at the turn of the
20th century. I have obtained a good deal of information about their
respective siblings who also emigrated, and I am now at the point
where I am beginning to research back into Europe, in particular to
ascertain the family makeup >from whence they came. In particular, I
know that each had a number of siblings who didn't remained back in
Russia and never made it out.

I have identified >from jri-poland and
other sources several promising archives, a number of which are "part"
of the ukraine archives.gov.ua Two of these are the State Archives of
Rivne Oblast and of Zhytomir Oblast. Before going off and emailing or
otherwise contacting these sources, I wanted to check with other
members as to advices, experiences, etc that they have had with either
the specific archives mentioned or just obtaining records >from the
Ukraine in general (ie contact them in english or no, alternate
non-governmental sources for Tuchin, level of assistance or lack
thereof that I might expect, etc.). Thank you.

James Gutterman (Gutterman, Goodman, Geller, Ochs, Land(e)sman

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