Cost of Passage to America #ukraine

sherwin <sherwindu@...>

I have frequently puzzled why it took my grandfather 10 years to be able
to bring over
his wife and two daughters >from the Ukraine. I have talked with friends
who tell me
it was just as long for their grandfathers to do the same. I imagine
that the cost of
a steamship ticket was the biggest expense. Were there other
expenses? I read where
some immigrants were turned back because they did not have any money upon
arrival. Did the cost of the ticket clean them out? I never had the
chance to discuss
this with my grandfather, but I was able to see this 10 year gap >from
the entry information
of Ellis Island.

Now reading an interesting and pertinent fictional book by Alan
Fleishman called
'A Fine September Morning'. There, the main character arrives almost
penniless from
Russia, manages to start his own tailoring business (like my
grandfather) and is able
to bring his family over in about two years, with some help >from
friends. I wonder what
the average time it took for men to afford this move of their families.

Sherwin Dubren
Morton Grove, Illinois

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