RUBIN/DULBERG Families #ukraine

Michael Waas


I just recently joined the Ukraine-SIG, though why I waited this long,
I do not know as I have connections to both northern and western
Ukraine in my family. For this email, I am interested in learning more
about my great-great grandmother's family, the RUBIN's. My g-g
grandmother Jennie RUBIN and her sister Mina (Minnie) arrived in the
US sometime before 1894 and were joined later by their full brother,
step-mother, and half-siblings. Jennie was the daughter of Shmuel
David RUBIN and Rivka DULBERG. The closest idea to where I know they
are >from is somewhere north of Kiev. The surname may have been RUBINOV
as that is how it appears on her brother's emigration in 1902. The
town her brother emigrated >from was Sabha and the town her step-mother
and half-siblings came >from was Shostka. They are connected to the
GERMAN/HERMAN family (which I believe is through the DULBERG family
but I know little beyond that).

Just to summarize, this is the family as I know it:
Shmuel David RUBIN married Rebeka DULBERG and had four children
(Brucha, married to a HERMAN, Mina, married in NJ, Emanuel Mendel,
married in NY, and Jennie, born in 1879 and married to Morris AMDUR in
NY). Rebeka died sometime after Jennie was born and Shmuel remarried a
woman named Jennie/Zelda and had at least four more children (Chaje,
Aisick who became Isidor, Rosa, and Rissie). Rissie married Louis
BROOK and died in NY.

If anyone can point me to info concerning the towns and possibly the
families as well as if they are either related or know of any of the
families of the half-siblings and what became of Brucha, I would be
most appreciative.

All the best,

Michael Waas
Akko, Israel

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