Goldmans in Philadelphia? #ukraine


Hi - I'm looking for anyone that knows of Goldmans that lived in
Philadelphia in the 1890s, that came >from either Kieveor Uman. My
family's story, is that my great grandfather and siblings, came over to
America, and the first one that did so, arrived around 1888. He went to
Philadelphia, where he worked for either a cousin or half-brother, who
lived there. That relative in Philadelphia, went by the name Goldman,
so my relative changed his to Goldman also (and all his subsequent
siblings, eventually did the same). Decades later, that first sibling
tried to locate those relatives, and even hired a detective, but he
couldn't find them. I was about to search the city directory, and try
to research all the Goldmans that lived there at the time, but I figured
I first would check here, before doing that.


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