1793 census of Jews in Bohemia #austria-czech


A few days ago I ordered Volume II of the "1793 census of Jews in
Bohemia" which I received today.

I believe to have found my ggggrandparents in one of the villages.
I was surprised that in most of the villages there was only one
jewish family.
This is the case with a KRAUS family I am looking for.

For quite some time I was trying to find the parents of my
gggrandmother Elisabeth / Bele LANG nee KRAUS.

from her son's birth certificate I knew she was >from a small
place near Prague called Horni Pocernice (Ober Potschernitz).
from the two different burial lists of the old Olsany cemetery
in Prague I found out that her father was on one list called
Moshe Kraus and on the other list he was called Meir Kraus.

Now I thought that the 1793 census would give me more information
about Bele's father and family.

I knew she could not be mentioned in the Census because she was
born in 1802, 9 years after the census was taken. But I thought
I could find her family.

I found one Kraus Family in Ober Potschernitz (in fact the
only Jewish family in this village) but the head of the family is
not Mosche or Meir Kraus but Jachim Kraus, he is married and has
got four sons. Perhaps in 1802 he had a daughter called
Elisabeth / Bele.

In a village called Kralovice (Kralowitz), about 5 miles away
from Ober Potschernitz I found a Moises Kraus (this time 7 jewish
families in this village), married with 2 daughters. Perhaps he is
Elisabeth's father.

Now my new book doesn't really help but makes things even more

Perhaps someone of you who is more familiar with this census and
can give me an advice how to clarify my assumptions. Or am I on
the wrong track?

BTW Will there also be a Volume for the City of Prague or is
it already published?

Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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