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Saul Issroff <shaul@...>

Varda Epstein asked about DNA Testing for Free?
<yknow@...> on 24 Jul 2003
<<< Dr. Vivien Moses was giving free DNA testing to
males of Ashkenazi background>>> >

Kevin Brook <kbrook@...> on Sat, 26 Jul 2003
replied correctly that Individualized DNA results are not free
........ Dr. Vivian Moses is interested primarily in Y DNA. His colleagues
Mark Thomas, David Goldstein, and Neil Bradman are the ones studying

Vivian Moses is primarily interested in linking DNA patterns with variants
of Yiddish to map the spread of Yiddish dialects in Europe. The Unit at
University College Hospital is called the Centre for Genetic Anthropology.
This unit does not do any individual testing, nor does it keep individual
DNA analyses. All of these experts spoke on the topic at the London 2001
IAJGS Conference and summaries of their talks are in the syllabus. Last week
in washington at the 2003 conference Bennet Greenspan of Family Tree DNA
gave a very lucid exposition of the whole subject of Y and M DNA and its
relevance to genealogy. However, much of the published ( journal) material
is already outdated and the websites and links given on Kevin's Khazaria
pages are by far the best way of keeping up to date on this fast evolving

Saul Issroff ( London)

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