Residence in Podolia Gubernia but passport from Kiev Gubernia - why? #ukraine

Adam Goodheart

Dear Ukraine experts,

Does anyone have an idea why my 19th-century ancestor lived in Podolia
Gubernia, but held an internal passport issued in a town some 350
kilometers away, in Kiev Gubernia?

I have a record for my gggf Meir-Leib Gitgarts, living in Podolia
(Olgopol District) in 1875. It notes that he was originally registered
in an agricultural colony not far away (Balta District of Podolia).
But the strange thing is that it also says his internal passport was
issued in 1873 by the office in Voronkov (modern Voron'kiv), just
outside Kiev, a distant locale by the standards of that era.

Could this be evidence that the Gitgarts family originally came from
Voronkov before settling in the agricultural colony?

many thanks

Adam Goodheart
Washington, D.C.

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