Re: Residence in Podolia Gubernia but passport from Kiev Gubernia - why? #ukraine

Doug Cohen

In Imperial Russia there was a concept called "registration." At some time,
your ancestors were registered in Voronkow. Changing one's registration was
a complicated and difficult process. Many Jews lived far >from where they
were registered. They were supposed to register births and deaths in the
town of their registration, and get their internal passports at that
location. Sometimes they didn't bother to register since it was so
difficult -- but that was a crime. Many Jews weren't registered at all,
since registrations were used for tax and conscription purposes.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA
Sarasota, FL

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Gubernia - why?

Dear Ukraine experts,

Does anyone have an idea why my 19th-century ancestor lived in Podolia
Gubernia, but held an internal passport issued in a town some 350 kilometers
away, in Kiev Gubernia?

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