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Norman Lipson

Two weeks ago I posted a request for anyone who had information about Khotin (Chotyn, Bessarabia,Kupin, Kaminets Podolsk.
Names searched were for Joseph (Jossel) Liptzen or sounds like. Also for Anna Liptzen,, Anna Saltzman, Chande Saltzman.(sounds like}.
I had several answers but my computer crashed and I lost
the e-mails before I could respond. Please contact me again or any new bits of information would be greatly appreciated.

Names Searched: or sounds like
Jossel (Joseph} Liptzen
Born: 12/1/1883 Kupin Podollsk
Passenger: Nieuw Amsterdam >from Rotterdam 7/2/1910

Great Grandfather: Nuta Liptzen
Great Grandmother : Machia Wiceberg

Grandmother: Chane (Anna) Liptzen, Saltzman.
Born: 1881 in Chakine.
Married Jossel Liptzen 8/26/1903
Arrived U.S.A. 4/3/13
Lived and married in Khotin Grew grapes, vineyards, and made wine

Great Grandfather: David Saltzman

Brothers: Daniel Liptzen, born 1889, arrived U.S.A. 1903
Jake Liptzen

My Father: Irwin(Isador, Szul) Liptzen,Born 10/10/1906 in Khotin

Uncle: Morris Saltzman (Khotin)
Sister Batia Saltzman, married name Frostig, Nathany Israel

Aunt: Sonjia (Sarah) Liptzen, Birn 3/15/1905 , Khotin

Names and dates could be off a little, hopefully close enough.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Norman Lipson
Sarasota, Florida

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