Property - Tax Records of King's land grant #ukraine


I have a similar question to Joel Hayflick's. There is a story in our
family that the King of Prussia (whom it is believed was Frederick II (the
Great)) was traveling incognito and stopped one evening at our 5th GGF, Rafael
Fridman's, house in what is now Lithuania as he needed a place to stay for
the night. He spent the night and left. Sometime later a uniformed
courier arrived at Rafael's house with an invitation to come to the palace.
This caused extreme consternation in the family as what would the king
want with a lowly Jew, except to give him trouble. Rafael put on his best
clothes and went to the palace. There in the throne room he saw the
traveler whom he had befriended a while earlier who then identified himself as
the King. In gratitude for his hospitality, the King then granted Rafael
some land, which was significant as Jews were forbidden to own land
(purchased in ordinary commercial transactions).

Where would I find land records that would verify this story?

Rick Ford

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